Tycoon Addon updated for Warlords of Draenor

January 10th, 2015

Trying to farm gold in the World of Warcraft can be next to impossible, especially if you’re pretty much brand-new to the game.

An absolute essential part of life in the World of Warcraft, without gold – and a steady supply of it – you’re going to be up against a wall, and really at a considerable disagreement it against the rest of your digital competition.

You need to know exactly how to get your hands on as much gold as humanly possible as quickly as possible, and you need to hit the ground running.

Well, that’s exactly what the new Tycoon Gold addon has to offer (and has had to offer since 2008), and it’s just recently been updated for the new Warlords of Draenor expansion pack.

updated for Warlords of Draenor

If you’ve been trying to figure out whether or not you should pull the trigger on this particular addon, hopefully we will be able to point you in the right direction by the time you finish this quick review!

Shall we jump right in?

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The Best Selling gold addon is back – and better than ever

Though there are a lot of different addons out there promising to help you make the most out of your World of Warcraft experience, only the Tycoon Gold addon has been able to deliver the “goods” time after time – version after version – with absolutely no letdown or disappointment whatsoever.

Even though some of the claims that Tycoon promises are a little bit “out there”, the developers behind the solution have somehow found a way to follow through on each and every one of those lofty goals.

For example:

  • Crafters will be able to know EXACTLY what they should make to earn the most gold the fastest with the resources at hand
  • Gatherers will know EXACTLY what the marketplace is demanding right now so that they can farm low and sell high
  • Grinders will know EXACTLY which mobs to hunt to get the most loot at their particular skill level
  • And you’ll always be updated on auction house moving and shaking so that you know how to take advantage of this marketplace to cash in big time on your World of Warcraft possessions

All of that (and so much more) is possible when you run the Tycoon Gold addon. If you have some doubts check the Frequently Asked questions post!

How does Tycoon actually work?

The entire Tycoon addon is pretty slick, and it’s really amazing how efficient it is considering all of the different resources that it pulls from and all of the operations that it needs to complete before it can let you know how to make the most money the fastest in the World of Warcraft.

But, behind the scenes, Tycoon is always in action, following along with information coming from the auction house, looking at the prices NPCs are paying, focusing in on the vendor operations and player prices and how they are fluctuating, and giving you a rocksolid idea as to what you need to focus on – and when you need to buy or sell it!

tycoon gold addon in action

Click For Full Size

There is a reason that Tycoon is able to promise that average players (just average players, remember) are able to increase the amount of gold they’ve made over every hour in the World of Warcraft by more than 350% – and that’s just average players!

If you really focus on and try to master the nuances of this platform (and there are a number of them), it’s not impossible to boost your gold output per hour by more than 500% with ease.

On top of all that, you’ll enjoy:

  • 24/7 100% free customer service and support through email
  • A completely secure World of Warcraft addon that will never get your account banned
  • A one-time payment only for a lifetime membership that includes ALL future upgrades
  • And an auto installing/instant updating software that makes sure you are always running the latest version

Final verdict

At the end of the day, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to run this gold addon n for the World of Warcraft. It’s going to transform the way you make money in game, and it’s going to make your life in the World of Warcraft that much easier!

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Zygor Gold Addon

March 22nd, 2015

zygor gold addon by zygor guidesAre you ready to dominate World of Warcraft; to become King of Kings? Well if you are, then you nee to make sure that you have the Zygor Gold Addon in your arsenal!

This is by far the greatest Addon that will add more bling to your war chest and allow you to hit the WoW cap for your gold ASAP. With this in-game(!) guide and Addon, you’ll find out how to create more gold and use the Auction House to its fullest potential.  In short, this Addon is the optimal companion to assist you and will complete alter your manner and strategy of play.

This guide and Addon goes over just about each aspect in WoW, including that one niche for which gamers having been begging us for years: how to make more gold! No matter if you are an experienced warrior or a green rookie, this guide keeps it simple for anyone and everyone and allows you to max out your war chest.

In this guide we show you the top five methods of reaping tons of gold: gold runs, farming, gathering, crafting and auctioning.

We promise there is no old info, zero gimmicks nor nada of 3rd party folks.

With this guide at your disposal, we guarantee you’ll be in full-on beast mode!

Visit Zygor Gold Addon Official Site Here

Gold Runs

Which method is the best for folks who need to line their war chest with more gold, yet don’t have any particular profession or skills (or gold) to start with? That would be gold runs! In this section of the guide, you discover many more mini-guides which go over a variety of methods to earn/ produce more gold. Another perk? Even though gold runs are not the best way to make tons of gold quickly, this method does allow you a variety of (much more) fun ways to load more gold into your pockets- in other words, gold runs are not nearly as tedious as other gold-making methods because remember- this is a game and it’s supposed to be fun.

One method would be to make daily runs. This will give you an ideal list of daily quests which offer the best rewards in gold. If you love going on quest, this is the method for you; it’s also the best way to earn the most gold among the ‘gold runs’.

Another way is to go on transmog runs- these are tons of fun for players who would rather go questing in dungeons. Our min-guides in this section will show you the ideal dungeons where you can obtain the best gear for transmogging.  Another possibility is to go tilling, where you can utilize the tilling mini-game to crop important items which you can than sell at the auction house and earn some precious gold.

zygor gold addon gold runs


Go big or go home with gold farming!  If you want to hit the crème of the crème when it comes to farming and earn the most gold possible to line your pockets, than you absolutely need to read this sections.

The farming section puts focus on those items which are left, from , cloths, elementals, gems, mobs or food. This method is superb for those folks who wish to farm but don’t have a profession yet. Imagine farm crops on steroids and you’re not only taking food to the market (I mean, the Auction House), you’re taking money to the bank! Almost feels like taking candy from a baby, in a way!

A special trick you can alter the kind of items visible by simply making a mode change, as well as altering the setting for the filters. For example, if you set the game to Easy mode, the game will only display items which will quite possibly sell rapidly; and in Expert mode, you will have more items displayed, yet more than a few of these items will expire and you will need to re-post these items several times if you really want them to sell. Visit Addon Official Site Here.

zygor gold addon farming


The section on gathering in the Zygor Gold  Addon can help you immensely in gathering (hence the subtitle…!)  valuable things  that you will encounter in WoW- those items which you can then put up for sale (at the highest price) in the Auction Sale and reap the gold profits.

Here, you will learn how to maximize your skills in mining, herbalism and skinning to gather skins, ore and/or herbs. This section will provide you with everything you need to know to find both the most profitable and popular things to collect. Upon finding an item that you want to gather, all you will need to do is click on it twice and it will directly into the guide, which will then bring you to the ideal location in the server world for gathering that particular item. As mentioned above in the farming section, you can alter which kinds of items are displayed simply by changing the filter settings and/or mode.

Using this guide for this method is excellent for saving time (even though it may be a bit tedious) in a safe and effective way to gather the gold and prep your war chest. If you are serious about maxing out your gold count, this section is a must-read.

zygor gold addon gathering



Let’s take a look at a more complex way to create gold; crafting. With this method, you will use certain professions such as engineering,  tailoring, jewel crafting and blacksmithing to create objects and products which you may sell for large sums of gold. This section takes into account all the possible products that you can forge and how much you can sell them for. The guide then let’s you view which products will be the most profitable for you, due to the fact that certain materials might not be easily at your disposal  at the Auction House all the time.  Also included in the guide is the farming option for these items.

You have the ability to decide which items are displayed by using the filter settings and/ or a variety of modes. For example: in Easy mode, only items with each of its necessary materials currently at your disposal will be displayed. More items will be displayed in the Expert mode, showing you that you may need to farm to acquire certain materials for certain items.

This section is uber-important, as it allows you to navigate a plethora of data in which alone, you might easily find yourself lost; it truly is a guide that will help you craft your way to maxing out your gold in WoW.

zygor gold addon crafting


Finally, we come the last but certainly not least section (which is also advanced and complex)- auctions. This mini-guide centers on the ‘buy low/ sell high’ thesis regarding the manipulation of the market. With this guide at your side, you will be able to glean the Auction House for top-notch (as well as top-dollar) items which can be found at unbelievable rock-bottom prices.

Upon finding this steals of a deal, you can purchase them and them put them back up for sale, priced that their true value and making a killing of a profit. The truth is, the auction house demands very little time or effort and can reap huge rewards in the form of profits, when compared to other ways to earn gold. However, just like in real life, the market is simply to complex and difficult to predict, and that means that on occasion, if a product’s price has done a free fall, there was a ‘why’ for it. Just like on the stock exchange or any other free market, this is a risk you take when you try your luck in the Auction House. However, with a little effort and practice and touch of luck, you can most definitely hoard and big profit in gold.

zygor gold addon auctions


Bottom line, it comes down to just how dedicated you are maxing out your gold level and being a beast in WoW.

The reality is (just as in the real world), money makes the world go round and enables you to meet your goals and achieve your dreams. Why would you ever want to pass on a chance to have a in-game guide at your disposal to help you maximize your gold-earning ability and max out your gold levels?

The Zygor Guide  Series is the crème of the crème when it comes to WoW guides, and now, with  this new Gold Addon, you can become and unstoppable money-making machine. What are you waiting for?!

Start Using Zygor Gold Addon – Get Yours at Official Site

Tycoon Addon FAQ

October 17th, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions


1. After purchasing Tycoon the email with login information for downloading is not working.

Response: Send an email using the contact us page. We will need your name, clickbank receipt number. After we receive this information we will get back to your with in 24 hours with information about how to log in.


2. Download or Install not working.


Please use the contact form  for questions about these issues. Please give us as much information as possible, and we will get back to you in 24 hours or less.


3. Loading Auctionator or Auctioneer is necessary.


You need to have Auctioneer or Auctionator to use Tycoon. Both of are free. The need arises because of Blizzards EULA, which will not allow multiple scanners. This will also lower the resources taken up by addons by using these scanners.


4.  How to make gold using Tycoon.


Tips for making money are included in the new How to Tycoon Guide.


5. How do I install Auctioneer/Auctionator?


Auctioneer/Auctionator are manual installs. A link to the addon installation guide is found in the member’s area.


6. Is using Tycoon on WoW an offense that results in being banned?


We take all precautions possible to ensure that Tycoon follows the EULA. No one has been banned for using Tycoon in half a decade, so it can be used with confidence.


7. How to make Auction addons work properly.


First scan the AH at once for the tab to work. For the best information, try to do scans daily, and if possible once or twice a day for two weeks. See the How-To Tycoon guide for more details on how to use the AH tab.


8.  What are Tycoon Filters?


Tycoon filters are found in the bottom right corner of the Tycoon window. Each tab has different filters. The “Show All” is the usual setting, but not the default.  Players can use this to see either all the items, or select filters to see only certain information at a time.


9.  Languages Supported by Tycoon


All of the addons are designed to work on any version of WOW regardless of the language used. The data is in English. What this means steps will be in English, but the quest names will appear in the requested language selected to use in WoW.


10. Are discs delivered?


No, all of the addons are easier and faster to download. After purchase the addon is receive via an email with the login information for the member’s area. Save this email! In the member’s area players will find downloads for the addons. If not received, fill out the form below and make sure that the player’s email address is correct.


11. Using Other Addons with Tycoon


Using both Actioneer and Auctionator together isn’t. These addons do the same things. While Actionator scans faster, Auctioneer has more capabilities. Other addons shouldn’t pose a problem or conflict with this one, but if this occurs use the contact form for support.


12. Tycoon keeps giving error messages


Email us the error using the form below. Please include as much information as possible when describing the problem and you will be contact as soon as possible with a solution.


13. Using Tycoon on Multiple Computers


The player can login to the members’ area on any computer the player has authority to download addons to, but keep in mind settings are not saved across computers. If for example the player used a Booster, and finished several zones, the second computer used will not see these zones as completed.


14. Is Tycoon up to date?


Tycoon is up to date with the latest patches. It can take a day or so to get some patches after they are updated. If an addon isn’t up to date with a recent update then check the “Load out of date addons” button and it will continue to work until the patch is added.


15. Will this addon work on Mac as Well as Windows?


Yes, Tycoon will work on a Mac. The addon is dependent on World of Warcraft to work. As long as you aren’t having issues with WoW you shouldn’t see a problem with Tycoon.


16. How long is the wait for Technical Support once an email asking information is sent?


The official response time is 24 hours, but usually a player will see an return email much faster.




“Is Tycoon Really 100% Safe and Secure ?”

August 14th, 2014

I’ve received a lot of messages asking Will You get your account banned if you use Tycoon ? Or since it’s a paid Addon , is it agains the Addon Policy ?

Let’s clear it. Tycoon Addon is not against any Termos of Service of Blizzard or against any AddOn Policy. You can be 100% sure that Dynasty Products are safe and secure and you will never get your account banned if you use Tycoon Addon. Dynasty, the company behind this popular addon, it’s been around for more than 6 years, it’s a very reputable, honest and with a huge community of happy gamers using their products .

Still have some doubts ?

  • More than 85 000 happy gamers using Tycoon
  • Customer support, contact the support team or drop your questions in the community forums
  • Lifetime updates and Upgrades: Dynasty is in the market for more than 6 years so they keep loyal to the community

Still not sure about it ?

  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee – That’s right, Get The Addon Here And Give it a Try, if you don’t like it for any reason, just ask for your money back .

Totally Risk Free , Try It , If You don’t Like it Get Your Money Back and get a FULL Refund

Leveling Zygor Guides Review

June 27th, 2014

zygor wow leveling guidesSpending hours playing World of Warcraft can be fun unless you find yourself getting nowhere in your quest to level. The role of Zygor guides is to become a player’s personal coach of leveling, and offering needed information immediately as the player moves through the game. From having advanced knowledge about how to use the Auction House, to gaining achievements such as Loremaster this offers you the chance to have the benefit of years of experiences in WoW even if you are new player.

Opting to use the Zygor Leveling Guide gives you immediate information including methodology and technical solutions as you play. From getting the most out of Dailies as a long-term player, to advancing your gear as a newbie is all part of what this guide.

For new or frustrated players this means the ability to power level, or moving the levels quickly. Instead of endlessly grinding for points you are guided on how to advance by taking advantage of every point taking opportunity. Giving you step-by-step instructions on the best time to enter event, what gear is the best to use, when to battle or enter a dungeon, or what professional is good for your character you can gain more points faster.

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The Zygor Level Guides take a player from the very beginning to beyond level 90 giving you a chance to have a well-rounded and extremely playable character. Instead of having to wander through the WoW universe alone, this leveling companion can open this remarkable game to you in ways that many advanced players never find on their own.

Power Leveling Your Way Around WoW

WoW is designed to simulate a fantastic fantasy Universe. The creators at Blizzard did a remarkable job in giving a player not only one, but also dozens of options of what to do, or where to go next. This is means playing the game is more entertaining and absorbing. It can also mean a player will make mistakes, and not select those options capable of leveling the character quickly.

The Zygo Guides offer the advantage of still having choices, but these options are the best to power level. In this way instead of wandering from quest to quest you can will always know which is the right quest to take that will give the most opportunity to level at a faster pace.

Instead of walking through this Universe of World of Warcraft wondering what awaits around the next corner you will know exactly what quest giver to find next, and then have the exact location of where to travel to carry out this mission.

The Zygor Addon Navigator

zygor arrow guide

Click For Full Size

This is among the simplest tools to use, as once you visit the website it’s only a matter of following the steps indicated to have this tool traveling with right on the WoW screen. In this way the addon becomes a part of the game you can use all the time. The instructions are written in a clear way, and aren’t so wordy the players is exposed to the risks inside the game while trying to read through what to do next.

Even better than written instruction is an arrow to follow, and this addon provides one that moves with the player. Using this yellow, easy to see arrow it’s possible find the exact location you need, and to have the quest giver or non-player character you need to engage pointed out. A team of people who have played the game for a long time created this addon. Knowing what the player will need to move ahead is second nature for them, and they help you move through the game avoiding the unnecessary grunt work, mistakes, and lost moments that will slow you down as you try to level.

Using the Addon


Once loaded you only need to progress through the screen answering any queries that popup. Once in place the navigational tool bar appears on the screen near your character, and it will automatically know all the necessary information about where the alt is, and what to do next. From then on it’s merely necessary to follow the instructions and the arrow to start moving at faster speed than you would have believed possible.

Help with Gear and Choosing a Talent System

The guide also works as a talent advisor letting you know what class specification is right for your character, and how to spend points for best effect. Often you can even learn all the talents you need by just clicking the guide tool.

Most players become frustrated quickly in trying to figure out which gear to select. When looting it’s possible to miss gear you could use because you need to get out quickly before the non-player characters around start to regenerate. The guide will even let you know where a looting object is, and whether or not its something your character needs.

Are You New To World Of Warcraft  ?


If you’re new to World of Warcraft, or even a veteran who just hasn’t done much exploring, you might be missing out on a lot of interesting things you never knew existed. For example, did you know you can earn special “titles” that appear next to your characters name and that you can gain reputation with the various factions to unlock really rare items and rewards from them? Or even better, did you know that you can string together combinations of spells using a single macro command? Maybe you were aware of some of these things but struggled to figure them out.

Well, if that’s the case, then I’ve just discovered something right up your alley. It’s called Zygor’s Titles, Reputation, and Macros guide.

zygor guides review

If you’ve never heard of Zygor before, trust me, it is unlike any thing you’ve seen before and once you see it in action you won’t believe how much it changes the game for the better. To put it simply, it’s sort of like an addon and allows you to view and use strategy guides INSIDE the game without having to read through a printed book or alt/tab out of game. These guide tell you exactly what to do and where to go using a 3d arrow displayed right on your screen, and they can detect when you complete instructions, updating on the fly.

Check it out for Yourself- Visit Zygor Guides Site

In the case of Titles, these are one of the most rewarding aspects of World of Warcraft, giving you the ability to show your accomplishments off to the world. Zygor’s Titles, Reputation, and Macros guide walks you through obtaining some of the most sought after titles in the game, such as “Dragonslayer”, “Starcaller”, “Defender of a Shattered World”, and more. There are over 35 titles covered in this guide in all.

For Reputations, you have to complete a select set of quests, usually repeatedly in order to raise your popularity with a given faction. Zygor has pretty much perfected the art of optimized questing in their world famous leveling guides and it works the same here. The guide will walk you step by step through everything you need to do to become exalted with the faction of your choosing in the fastest time possible.

Finally, on the macros front, Zygor’s Titles, Reputation, and Macros guide comes complete with pre-made macros for each class in the game that you can easily load right onto your action bar to begin simplfying combat and various other tedious actions in the game.

With Zygor’s Titles, Reputation, and Macros guide you can take advantage of so much additional game content without the need to research and learn it all by yourself, but if you’re still not convinced you can try it out for free over on their website. Trust me, after you’ve played with Zygor you’ll never be able to go back to playing without it.


zygor for mop

Leveling Guide – Easy Ways to Level Fast

June 23rd, 2014

Logging into WoW and creating an Alt for the first time is daunting. The second or third creation is often more fun because the player has more of an idea what to expect. Leveling fast comes in part from experience, and part through using all the knowledge gained from playing to complete what’s absolutely necessary to get points quickly, and still have fun. To level in WoW the Alt character will need to achieve enough points to progress either as an Alliance hero or Horde champion. Like most of real life it’s often not just what you do, but how you do it, which will make a difference in how fast you level.

Quests and Gear

If you are determined to go through the levels as fast as possible you will not want to spend too much money on gear. The reason for using inexpensive gear from the start is the expense. Save those items you absolutely need that you can hold onto for several levels. Items you will “level out of” quickly shouldn’t be too expensive since you rarely if ever get the same amount of money back as spent on the gear. Even auctioning off gear typically will not give a player back the investment put into it.

To level quickly don’t put the initiative into getting anything more than the weapons, clothing, and tools absolutely necessary for gaining the points. Instead work on skills as these will “follow” you up and grow with the Alt.

Find a Profession

Just as your parents told you it’s necessary to have a profession to fall back on, and in WoW a profession will help you level faster. Even before you can start working on your Alt’s profession look into those that offer the highest points the fastest.  Consider choices such as mining, alchemy, and herbalist, which allow the Alt to gather materials and create sellable items as these also offer great ways to make money quickly. Consider stocking up on other points heavy skills that offer a good return in getting silver too such as fishing or cooking. Gaining points is critical to leveling, so even while having a good time, its important to always be looking for a chance to either make points, or develop the best skills to get higher points.

The Dungeon and Battling Gambit

As soon as they can most people run immediate for high point gains using dungeons and going into battles. The problem with both these methods is you will find yourself waiting around for opportunities to play, and often this will eat up game time. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t battle or hit the dungeon, but those who do this constantly rather than questing usually find themselves taking longer to level. Often it’s better to wait for those times when you there are fewer people online to use the dungeons, or battle as you will find wait times to get in shorter. The trouble here is that battling can be slowed down when too few people are available, so when a medium number of people seem interested in joining a battle this is a good time to make your jump.

Stay in One Place

The quests are set up to send you here, there and yon in order to make the game more interest and in effect slow down your progress. Don’t fall for the quest that sends you out of the land you are in to another one far away. Stay in one land as long as you can find quests or tasks to do in this spot. After racking up as many points as possible in one place then take the options to go move to the next. This also allows you follow a track of doing multiple tasks or quest in each area since you can stack these together. This will cut down on traveling time and hopping around to different lands.

Look for Materials Quickly

Using an addon such as Tycoon helps a player find materials and make gold in the fastest amount of time. While racking up points it’s also necessary to have as much gold as possible. Having help in knowing what’s selling items are available, and where to find them fast even as you go about a quest drastically cuts down on wasted time. Using this method you won’t spend time search for and acquiring items no one will buy. This addon specifically looks for those items in demand on the server you’re playing on to maximize selling options and point gains.

Moving Quickly

Moving as fast as possible through the first levels don’t mean a player can’t have fun. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of festival, giveaways, or special events in WoW. You can rack up more points, get sellable items, and have a fun.

Using The Popular Zygor Guide

WoW is an extremely fun and addictive game but let’s be honest, it can also be very a slow, tedious, and at times frustrating game when you’re trying to level up your characters. It can take weeks if not months and you probably wish there was some spell you could unlock to make the whole process go faster. Well, I can’t give you that but I can let you in on the method I’ve used to power level my characters to max level in days.

The secret to my success is Zygor’s Leveling and Loremaster guide.

zygor leveling guidesNow I know what you’re thinking, a guide for WoW, who wants to sit there and read some guide on how to play the game. Well, the amazing thing about Zygor’s Leveling and Loremaster guide is that it’s unlike any guide you’ve seen before. It’s more like addon that allows you to view and use the guide INSIDE the game without having to turn pages or alt/tab out of game. The guide tells you exactly where to go, who to talk to, what quests to accept, and everything you need to do to power level your character to 90 in just 5 days /played time.

Zygor’s Guide has all sorts of amazing features that work together to make this possible. For example, the guide automatically finds the fastest route to your next destination and shows you how to get there with a 3D waypoint arrow right on your screen. While you’re out questing it tracks your progress and as you complete objectives it updates in real time. It even has a Quest Reward Advisor which automatically highlights the best quest rewards for your character.

Zygor’s Leveling and Loremaster guide is available for both Alliance and Horde covers everything needed to get to level 90, including starter zones for all 13 of the games races. In addition to all of that it also walks you through obtaining the highly sought after Loremaster achievement.

If you’re not very tech savvy have no fear, Zygor Guides comes complete with a client that installs the guides for you and always keeps them updated with the latest content. It’s safe, simple, and backed by Zygor’s amazing customer support. If you’re still not convinced they even offer a free trial, and trust me, after you’ve played with Zygor you’ll never be able to go back to playing without it.

How to Produce Gold Fast

May 21st, 2014

Just a few years ago in the World of Warcraft those with a daring and powerful character needed only to raid a dungeon for some hard to get loot to make some gold fast. With the newer easier dungeons, and quests the auction house has become more of mystery as the player is left trying to figure out what other players need at any given time, and what will sell for the most gold or sell the fastest. There are a number of tried and true methods of getting gold so levelling your character can move at a faster pace, and still be decked out in the best gear.

Gathering for Gold

This can take some time, but taking your avatar out for nice long stroll can be rewarding if you are in the right place. This is especially true for those who are low in gold, and haven’t leveled much yet. By either searching the landscape through any place in Azeroth will get you ore, linen, stones, gems, and mageweave. Once you have the items in hand take these to the auction house, rather than selling them to vendors who will offer only bottom prices.

Farming for Gold

Once you have reached level 40 or above hitting the larger bosses, and repeated runs through a difficult spot is still a method to produce fast WoW gold, but the goal is to pick up as much as possible. Instead of making it through a dungeon once for instance, it’s best to run through a few times gathering items a few times and selling in bulk at the auction house rather than trying to sell these items once at a time.

There is a drawback to the auction house in that it does cost money to put things up for bid, and it will take time. If the item doesn’t sell your avatar character is out the money, and if already low in resources this isn’t as helpful.

Crafting and Gold

Another gold production method to get some of the yellow stuff into your character’s account is by crafting. The trouble here is just as in real life it often takes money to make. This is because at first as your character picks up points in a craft you will spend silver, and gold. Often in order to have items worth putting up for auction you will need to have craft goods above 150 skill points, and usually those above 225 that are in demand when placed at auction are the most worthwhile. Skills in leatherworking, alchemy, tailoring, and mining are the ones worthwhile to develop in order to advance, and have a supply of gold after selling them at auction.

The Auction House

People come to the auction house with fast gold, and this is the best place to get your characters hands on the stuff. Some skills such as engineering are rare, but won’t make much gold since these aren’t as in demand by other players. This makes having more than one skill to advance quickly, and produce fast WoW gold the best option.

Addons Make It Easier

Gold can become a headache that distracts from enjoying the game of World of Warcraft if the player doesn’t have a little help. You can find such assistance through the use of addons like Tycoon Gold. This is a fast to install a fix that gives the player an edge in finding what he or she needs to progress quickly, and to start raking in the gold.

Tools the player needs for making gold fast go beyond just knowing what will sell, and this addon has both the route and navigation system to take the player to those very locations where the possible profit is the highest.

First ever gold addon for wowMost players make the mistake of making or gathering an item, then approaching the auction house with it, but the Tycoon Gold addon starts out by scanning the specific auction house on your avatar character’s server. After analyzing the economy in the server you are using in the WoW universe the addon will than guide the player into finding the best opportunities for crafting, grafting while avoiding the problems of flooded markets, and competition. Many players using this addon have increased their gold-per-hour by over 300%.

The Cheapest, Most Effective Way to Get Gold in Wow

May 21st, 2014

One of the good, and occasionally bad things about World of Warcraft is the frequent changes and modifications to the game. One aspect that never changes, whether you are Alliance or Horde is that much as in real life there’s a need for gold. As often as you reach a new level for your avatar character, you will need to outfit with new gear, new abilities, and of course, some nice clothes are always desirable. Gold is a need in WoW, and it’s important to consider carefully how you will come to get your characters hands on it.

The Very Slow, But Inexpensive Method of Getting Gold

From the point of view of Blizzard the creators of WoW, the only way for players get gold is to finish quests and get rewarded. It’s also an option in the game for a player to offer you gold in exchange for making something such as a spell, garment, or weapon, or simply to give you gold because they are flush, and your character is broke. Having a skill such as mining or tailoring is often a good way to get gold, but it requires time, effort, and advancing to new levels. The problem with this method is often it’s hard to finish quests with the equipment you have, and rewards aren’t always as lucrative as they could be when you reach a certain level. It’s easy to find your character in a downward spiral of needing to get cheap WoW gold to level, and not being able to level because you don’t have enough gold.

The Quick, Expensive Way

For years at some point every noob was surprised after a few hours questing by another player sliding up to them and asking if he or she wanted to buy some gold. At times WoW was actually plagued by frequent in game messages advertising gold for sale, but this has become less and less frequent over time. It’s still possible however, to buy gold outside the game, by contacting a dealer who will take your very real money, and put gold into your WoW toon’s account.

While this sounds like a good method to end the frustration of trying to level or to have the most desirable gear possible there is a very real downside to buying gold from outside the game. First, this isn’t sanctioned by Blizzard, and the game makers have nothing to do with the dealers who offer this quick WoW gold fix. Many have found themselves victims in a number of ways since there’s no recourse for the player who gets burned by a bad gold deal. Some players have also found themselves not only not getting the gold, but also becoming more vulnerable to being hacked, losing inventory, or even getting accused of stealing the very gold they purchased. For many players the risks have proved too high and dangerous to buy gold in this way.

Another reason to avoid gold sellers is the damage they do to the game itself. If you have ever seen your toon shoved out of the way while someone else leaps ahead of you to mine an area, or complete a quest often you are dealing with resellers whose only interest is to get gold quickly no matter the problems they cause other players. All in all it’s better to avoid gold sellers altogether.

Having a Rich Toon the Fast Way

First ever gold addon for wowAnother way to get gold is to make it your self through an addon. Through such aids as the Tycoon Gold Addon, visit official site here, users have been able to increase their gold per hour by up to 350%. This is a powerful tool and the cheapest way that’s capable of helping the player see money making items that are easy to miss, or hard to find. From crafting, gathering, farming or mining the best possibilities are highlighted for the user. While other addons offer some of these options the Tycoon Gold addon also includes powerful tools giving your toon a speedier route, and a navigation system straight to the items you need to make gold fast.

With much less wasted time wandering around looking for items that will make money for less effort, and without spending any more gold, the addon also helps in the auction where your character can arrive with those items that are selling, but aren’t seeing as much competition. The higher the price set at action, and the faster you can sell the more gold your avatar will have for items you truly need.

This addon scans the server you use in order to find those items you can craft which are high profit, and in demand. Here again, it’s possible to ask higher prices, and see better, quicker profit without wasting any time on crafts, weapons, or gear that no one is interested in buying. With a rich toon leveling will become fun again, and your character can have exotic pets, rare mounts, and amazing gear.

Does the Tycoon Gold Addon Work

September 23rd, 2013

I love playing World of Warcraft in my spare time because it keeps me engaged and focussed, especially when I’m not in a good mood. I have earned lots of gold on the server and I am one of the strongest players. To maintain my reputation, I am always on the lookout for effective ways to earn gold as fast as possible. In my search for a profitable way to make gold in World of Warcraft, I found out about Manaview’s Tycoon Gold Addon. Manaview has designed many programs and Addons for WoW, and the Tycoon Gold Addon is another one of their creations.

What is Tycoon Gold?

Manaview’s latest invention, the Tycoon Gold Addon, is software Addon for the extremely popular World of Warcraft game. This new in-game Addon claims to increase your gold income by 500%. It helps turn gold-making into a fun, quick and beneficial experience.

How Tycoon Gold Works, As Promised By the Company 

Manaview’s Tycoon Gold Addon is a tool that was created to automate the most tedious and time-consuming gold-making techniques in the game. The Tycoon Addon optimises itself and functions in various ways to help in gold-making. There are four strategies that help you to make gold. They are: Gathering, Farming, Crafting and Auction House.

  • Gathering: This comprehensive function provides the gamer access to a list of items that are used to generate maximum gold. One of the most attractive features of this module is that it lets you know about items that have hidden earning potential, and which are not known to most users. Once you have chosen these items, the system will let you know the best ways to start gathering.
  • Farming: This module is a great feature for gamers who like farming as it provides a list of the best items that can be used in farming. The function shows those items that can help generate gold. It also highlights the best-selling benefits for earning more gold.
  • Crafting: The crafting module of the Tycoon Gold Addon provides a list of the most profitable items for crafting. Tycoon determines the types of items your server is looking for, and you can craft the items accordingly and sell them for a profit.
  • Auction House: This important module lets you know about items in the auction house that are under-priced. It displays these items in a simple-to-use format so that you can easily choose and purchase them. They can then be sold for more profit. It is easy to make thousands with this module.

What Are Users Saying About the Tycoon Gold Addon? 

The information provided on the website for ways to make WoW gold with the Tycoon Addon looks really attractive. However, my doubtful nature didn’t allow me to place the order so quickly, so I combed the Internet for reviews by people who had used this software.

Here’re a few of the reviews that I found:

It is really simple, but really effective. It can make you a lot of gold if you follow the items here. Final word are that it is really magnificent gold making machine if you use it correctly, all of its modules, the auction tab, farming tab, crafting tab, and others. You can make HUGE amounts of gold.


I want to that you for all the hard work, I love using Edge, Impalse, and Tycoon, They are all great programs, and once I finally used my brain and read how to load them to get to work. I want to say they all work great. Thank you again for the great products and great support.

–Kevin M

I’m pretty good at Warcraft, but I would rather not do the boring stuff, like farming and collecting. I was told to check out Tycoon Gold Addon. I am glad I did. It is simple. It has change my whole gaming experience with WoW. I can’t thank you guys enough

– Elvezio

I also get bored with tasks like collecting and farming. So, after reading positive reviews of users, I decided to place an order for my Tycoon Gold Addon.

Where to Buy?

You can visit the official Tycoon Gold Addon website to place your order. The product costs $49 and you can pay with PayPal or a credit/debit card. When you purchase from the official website, you get a 100% safe and legal product that will never get you banned. You are also eligible for lifetime upgrades and updates without paying a penny more. The Autoinstaller feature provided with this Addon helps you get started quickly and keeps your products updated at all times.

Customer support is also helpful as you get quick assistance if you have any queries about the product. You can also choose to participate in community forums to get help resolving your issues. Moreover, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase the Tycoon Gold Addon from the official website. This means that if you aren’t happy with the results, you can return the product for a full refund.

Do You Really Need the Tycoon Gold Addon To Make Gold? 

It’s up to you! You can make gold in WoW without the help of the Tycoon Gold Addon, and people have been doing so since before this Addon was introduced. However, a lot of hard work is required to make enough Warcraft gold, and if you have tried making gold in WoW before then you know that it’s a tedious and dull job. With the Tycoon Gold Addon you will see a great increase in gold profits for a lot less work.

In my opinion, the Tycoon Gold Addon is one the best ways to make millions of gold in the fastest and shortest time possible. You have four different modules that can be effectively used to reach your objective sooner. You can use the auction module to find items that are very low-priced, which you can immediately re-sell at great profit. I think that the Tycoon Gold Addon is definitely worth considering.

Impulse HQ Review

July 27th, 2013

World of Warcraft is a magnificent online gaming experience. But advancing your character can be a real chore, especially if you cannot devote the time and energy to slog your way through the system. One of the most annoying aspects is clicking to activate the abilities of your character. Clicking to target your abilities, then moving the mouse over to activate them takes time. Meanwhile, your character may be walking into a trap or even getting killed before you can click on what you need.

However, there is a new WOW leveling guide that provides instant pro-level keybinding with macros all at the click of a button. The Impulse In-Game Add-on is the new World of Warcraft leveling guide that promises to provide you with the ability to skip clicking to activate abilities and instead use keybinding to activate them.

Setting Up Your Character

The Impulse is a sophisticated piece of software that integrates nicely with the World of Warcraft. The keybinding sequence is included in this WOW leveling guide;

  • Select the Style of Keybind
  • Review Auto-Loaded Actions
  • Apply Keybinding & Macros to the Character

Thanks to the Impulse software, the class and primary spec of the character is automatically detected so all you need to do is put in your standard hand placement, see that the keybinds and macros are to your liking and apply the settings.

The Advantages of the Impulse

There are a number of advantages to using the Impulse software system.

User-Friendly: The purpose of the Impulse software is to make it simple for you to make every “bind” through the keybinding system. The emphasis is on easy learning and retention.

Automatic Set-Up: When you load the character you want to set up, the Impulse button will do all the configurations. The company guarantees that all the keybinds will be useful for the role that your character plays.

Customize: You can change the keybinding and macros at your will, making it as easy as possible for you to access the spells and things you need to get your character through the challenges of WOW.

All Tested and Perfected: You’ll find the macros included in the Impulse system are fully tested and designed to fulfill your character’s needs. The emphasis here is on speed of your game play so that you can play like a pro.

Click Here Visit Impulse HQ Official Site

Impulse HQ Official Site

What the Impulse Offers You

In addition to the advantages of keybinding, the Impulse software system provides a World of Warcraft leveling guide so that you can get more out of this remarkable online game. The key here is reforming your game play so that your natural skills are augmented by faster controls and more intuitive access to what you need.

Plus, you can get advice from real people after you download the Impulse software system. You can become part of the “Manaview” family, an online support community that can answer your questions about game play as well as the products.

In addition, you’ll never have to worry about the Impulse system going out of date since a lifetime of updates is included. Not to mention the low price of the product and the full money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Overall, the Impulse system is a remarkable product that accelerates the game play for those in World of Warcraft. This software system is highly recommended for those who want to take their WOW play to a new level.

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