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World of Warcraft is a magnificent online gaming experience. But advancing your character can be a real chore, especially if you cannot devote the time and energy to slog your way through the system. One of the most annoying aspects is clicking to activate the abilities of your character. Clicking to target your abilities, then moving the mouse over to activate them takes time. Meanwhile, your character may be walking into a trap or even getting killed before you can click on what you need.

However, there is a new WOW leveling guide that provides instant pro-level keybinding with macros all at the click of a button. The Impulse In-Game Add-on is the new World of Warcraft leveling guide that promises to provide you with the ability to skip clicking to activate abilities and instead use keybinding to activate them.

Setting Up Your Character

The Impulse is a sophisticated piece of software that integrates nicely with the World of Warcraft. The keybinding sequence is included in this WOW leveling guide;

  • Select the Style of Keybind
  • Review Auto-Loaded Actions
  • Apply Keybinding & Macros to the Character

Thanks to the Impulse software, the class and primary spec of the character is automatically detected so all you need to do is put in your standard hand placement, see that the keybinds and macros are to your liking and apply the settings.

The Advantages of the Impulse

There are a number of advantages to using the Impulse software system.

User-Friendly: The purpose of the Impulse software is to make it simple for you to make every “bind” through the keybinding system. The emphasis is on easy learning and retention.

Automatic Set-Up: When you load the character you want to set up, the Impulse button will do all the configurations. The company guarantees that all the keybinds will be useful for the role that your character plays.

Customize: You can change the keybinding and macros at your will, making it as easy as possible for you to access the spells and things you need to get your character through the challenges of WOW.

All Tested and Perfected: You’ll find the macros included in the Impulse system are fully tested and designed to fulfill your character’s needs. The emphasis here is on speed of your game play so that you can play like a pro.

Click Here Visit Impulse HQ Official Site

Impulse HQ Official Site

What the Impulse Offers You

In addition to the advantages of keybinding, the Impulse software system provides a World of Warcraft leveling guide so that you can get more out of this remarkable online game. The key here is reforming your game play so that your natural skills are augmented by faster controls and more intuitive access to what you need.

Plus, you can get advice from real people after you download the Impulse software system. You can become part of the “Manaview” family, an online support community that can answer your questions about game play as well as the products.

In addition, you’ll never have to worry about the Impulse system going out of date since a lifetime of updates is included. Not to mention the low price of the product and the full money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Overall, the Impulse system is a remarkable product that accelerates the game play for those in World of Warcraft. This software system is highly recommended for those who want to take their WOW play to a new level.

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