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Leveling Guide – Easy Ways to Level Fast

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Logging into WoW and creating an Alt for the first time is daunting. The second or third creation is often more fun because the player has more of an idea what to expect. Leveling fast comes in part from experience, and part through using all the knowledge gained from playing to complete what’s absolutely necessary to get points quickly, and still have fun. To level in WoW the Alt character will need to achieve enough points to progress either as an Alliance hero or Horde champion. Like most of real life it’s often not just what you do, but how you do it, which will make a difference in how fast you level.

Quests and Gear

If you are determined to go through the levels as fast as possible you will not want to spend too much money on gear. The reason for using inexpensive gear from the start is the expense. Save those items you absolutely need that you can hold onto for several levels. Items you will “level out of” quickly shouldn’t be too expensive since you rarely if ever get the same amount of money back as spent on the gear. Even auctioning off gear typically will not give a player back the investment put into it.

To level quickly don’t put the initiative into getting anything more than the weapons, clothing, and tools absolutely necessary for gaining the points. Instead work on skills as these will “follow” you up and grow with the Alt.

Find a Profession

Just as your parents told you it’s necessary to have a profession to fall back on, and in WoW a profession will help you level faster. Even before you can start working on your Alt’s profession look into those that offer the highest points the fastest.  Consider choices such as mining, alchemy, and herbalist, which allow the Alt to gather materials and create sellable items as these also offer great ways to make money quickly. Consider stocking up on other points heavy skills that offer a good return in getting silver too such as fishing or cooking. Gaining points is critical to leveling, so even while having a good time, its important to always be looking for a chance to either make points, or develop the best skills to get higher points.

The Dungeon and Battling Gambit

As soon as they can most people run immediate for high point gains using dungeons and going into battles. The problem with both these methods is you will find yourself waiting around for opportunities to play, and often this will eat up game time. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t battle or hit the dungeon, but those who do this constantly rather than questing usually find themselves taking longer to level. Often it’s better to wait for those times when you there are fewer people online to use the dungeons, or battle as you will find wait times to get in shorter. The trouble here is that battling can be slowed down when too few people are available, so when a medium number of people seem interested in joining a battle this is a good time to make your jump.

Stay in One Place

The quests are set up to send you here, there and yon in order to make the game more interest and in effect slow down your progress. Don’t fall for the quest that sends you out of the land you are in to another one far away. Stay in one land as long as you can find quests or tasks to do in this spot. After racking up as many points as possible in one place then take the options to go move to the next. This also allows you follow a track of doing multiple tasks or quest in each area since you can stack these together. This will cut down on traveling time and hopping around to different lands.

Look for Materials Quickly

Using an addon such as Tycoon helps a player find materials and make gold in the fastest amount of time. While racking up points it’s also necessary to have as much gold as possible. Having help in knowing what’s selling items are available, and where to find them fast even as you go about a quest drastically cuts down on wasted time. Using this method you won’t spend time search for and acquiring items no one will buy. This addon specifically looks for those items in demand on the server you’re playing on to maximize selling options and point gains.

Moving Quickly

Moving as fast as possible through the first levels don’t mean a player can’t have fun. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of festival, giveaways, or special events in WoW. You can rack up more points, get sellable items, and have a fun.

Using The Popular Zygor Guide

WoW is an extremely fun and addictive game but let’s be honest, it can also be very a slow, tedious, and at times frustrating game when you’re trying to level up your characters. It can take weeks if not months and you probably wish there was some spell you could unlock to make the whole process go faster. Well, I can’t give you that but I can let you in on the method I’ve used to power level my characters to max level in days.

The secret to my success is Zygor’s Leveling and Loremaster guide.

zygor leveling guidesNow I know what you’re thinking, a guide for WoW, who wants to sit there and read some guide on how to play the game. Well, the amazing thing about Zygor’s Leveling and Loremaster guide is that it’s unlike any guide you’ve seen before. It’s more like addon that allows you to view and use the guide INSIDE the game without having to turn pages or alt/tab out of game. The guide tells you exactly where to go, who to talk to, what quests to accept, and everything you need to do to power level your character to 90 in just 5 days /played time.

Zygor’s Guide has all sorts of amazing features that work together to make this possible. For example, the guide automatically finds the fastest route to your next destination and shows you how to get there with a 3D waypoint arrow right on your screen. While you’re out questing it tracks your progress and as you complete objectives it updates in real time. It even has a Quest Reward Advisor which automatically highlights the best quest rewards for your character.

Zygor’s Leveling and Loremaster guide is available for both Alliance and Horde covers everything needed to get to level 90, including starter zones for all 13 of the games races. In addition to all of that it also walks you through obtaining the highly sought after Loremaster achievement.

If you’re not very tech savvy have no fear, Zygor Guides comes complete with a client that installs the guides for you and always keeps them updated with the latest content. It’s safe, simple, and backed by Zygor’s amazing customer support. If you’re still not convinced they even offer a free trial, and trust me, after you’ve played with Zygor you’ll never be able to go back to playing without it.