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zygor wow leveling guidesSpending hours playing World of Warcraft can be fun unless you find yourself getting nowhere in your quest to level. The role of Zygor guides is to become a player’s personal coach of leveling, and offering needed information immediately as the player moves through the game. From having advanced knowledge about how to use the Auction House, to gaining achievements such as Loremaster this offers you the chance to have the benefit of years of experiences in WoW even if you are new player.

Opting to use the Zygor Leveling Guide gives you immediate information including methodology and technical solutions as you play. From getting the most out of Dailies as a long-term player, to advancing your gear as a newbie is all part of what this guide.

For new or frustrated players this means the ability to power level, or moving the levels quickly. Instead of endlessly grinding for points you are guided on how to advance by taking advantage of every point taking opportunity. Giving you step-by-step instructions on the best time to enter event, what gear is the best to use, when to battle or enter a dungeon, or what professional is good for your character you can gain more points faster.

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The Zygor Level Guides take a player from the very beginning to beyond level 90 giving you a chance to have a well-rounded and extremely playable character. Instead of having to wander through the WoW universe alone, this leveling companion can open this remarkable game to you in ways that many advanced players never find on their own.

Power Leveling Your Way Around WoW

WoW is designed to simulate a fantastic fantasy Universe. The creators at Blizzard did a remarkable job in giving a player not only one, but also dozens of options of what to do, or where to go next. This is means playing the game is more entertaining and absorbing. It can also mean a player will make mistakes, and not select those options capable of leveling the character quickly.

The Zygo Guides offer the advantage of still having choices, but these options are the best to power level. In this way instead of wandering from quest to quest you can will always know which is the right quest to take that will give the most opportunity to level at a faster pace.

Instead of walking through this Universe of World of Warcraft wondering what awaits around the next corner you will know exactly what quest giver to find next, and then have the exact location of where to travel to carry out this mission.

The Zygor Addon Navigator

zygor arrow guide

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This is among the simplest tools to use, as once you visit the website it’s only a matter of following the steps indicated to have this tool traveling with right on the WoW screen. In this way the addon becomes a part of the game you can use all the time. The instructions are written in a clear way, and aren’t so wordy the players is exposed to the risks inside the game while trying to read through what to do next.

Even better than written instruction is an arrow to follow, and this addon provides one that moves with the player. Using this yellow, easy to see arrow it’s possible find the exact location you need, and to have the quest giver or non-player character you need to engage pointed out. A team of people who have played the game for a long time created this addon. Knowing what the player will need to move ahead is second nature for them, and they help you move through the game avoiding the unnecessary grunt work, mistakes, and lost moments that will slow you down as you try to level.

Using the Addon


Once loaded you only need to progress through the screen answering any queries that popup. Once in place the navigational tool bar appears on the screen near your character, and it will automatically know all the necessary information about where the alt is, and what to do next. From then on it’s merely necessary to follow the instructions and the arrow to start moving at faster speed than you would have believed possible.

Help with Gear and Choosing a Talent System

The guide also works as a talent advisor letting you know what class specification is right for your character, and how to spend points for best effect. Often you can even learn all the talents you need by just clicking the guide tool.

Most players become frustrated quickly in trying to figure out which gear to select. When looting it’s possible to miss gear you could use because you need to get out quickly before the non-player characters around start to regenerate. The guide will even let you know where a looting object is, and whether or not its something your character needs.

Are You New To World Of Warcraft  ?


If you’re new to World of Warcraft, or even a veteran who just hasn’t done much exploring, you might be missing out on a lot of interesting things you never knew existed. For example, did you know you can earn special “titles” that appear next to your characters name and that you can gain reputation with the various factions to unlock really rare items and rewards from them? Or even better, did you know that you can string together combinations of spells using a single macro command? Maybe you were aware of some of these things but struggled to figure them out.

Well, if that’s the case, then I’ve just discovered something right up your alley. It’s called Zygor’s Titles, Reputation, and Macros guide.

zygor guides review

If you’ve never heard of Zygor before, trust me, it is unlike any thing you’ve seen before and once you see it in action you won’t believe how much it changes the game for the better. To put it simply, it’s sort of like an addon and allows you to view and use strategy guides INSIDE the game without having to read through a printed book or alt/tab out of game. These guide tell you exactly what to do and where to go using a 3d arrow displayed right on your screen, and they can detect when you complete instructions, updating on the fly.

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In the case of Titles, these are one of the most rewarding aspects of World of Warcraft, giving you the ability to show your accomplishments off to the world. Zygor’s Titles, Reputation, and Macros guide walks you through obtaining some of the most sought after titles in the game, such as “Dragonslayer”, “Starcaller”, “Defender of a Shattered World”, and more. There are over 35 titles covered in this guide in all.

For Reputations, you have to complete a select set of quests, usually repeatedly in order to raise your popularity with a given faction. Zygor has pretty much perfected the art of optimized questing in their world famous leveling guides and it works the same here. The guide will walk you step by step through everything you need to do to become exalted with the faction of your choosing in the fastest time possible.

Finally, on the macros front, Zygor’s Titles, Reputation, and Macros guide comes complete with pre-made macros for each class in the game that you can easily load right onto your action bar to begin simplfying combat and various other tedious actions in the game.

With Zygor’s Titles, Reputation, and Macros guide you can take advantage of so much additional game content without the need to research and learn it all by yourself, but if you’re still not convinced you can try it out for free over on their website. Trust me, after you’ve played with Zygor you’ll never be able to go back to playing without it.


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